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We are thrilled to announce the launch of eSLIT – our brand – new essential twin shaft slitter rewinder. The machine completes LAEM IMS extensive portfolio of slitter rewinders catering to the diverse needs and expectations of the Flexible Packaging industry.

Unveiling the key features of the new eSLIT

The new eSLIT is designed for film manufacturers and converters who are looking for a straightforward and cost-effective way to process their materials while maintaining high quality. This slitter rewinder offers a streamlined approach focused on efficiency, ease of use, and cost savings, making the eSLIT an attractive option for those seeking a simplified processing solution, while ensuring the integrity and standards of the output.
Furthermore, the eSLIT aims to reduce the complexity and learning curve typically associated with traditional slitting systems. This allows film manufacturers and converters to implement the system quickly and efficiently, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Technical data

Technical data of eSLIT slitter rewinder by LAEM IMS

*The above data refer to standard models, technical modifications are available on request

Countless benefits all combined in a single machine

The new efficient twin shaft slitter rewinder offers various advantages for converters, represented by the name itself, where the “e” stands for at least five key benefits:

  1. ergonomic design
  2. electric machine
  3. easy-to-use technology
  4. essential functioning
  5. efficient results
  6. economic benefits

LAEM IMS: empowering diversification in the Flexible Packaging Industry

The eSLIT meets LAEM IMS’ project of empowering diversification of the machines offered to the market in order to fulfill the vast array of needs coming from the flexible packaging industry.

As a matter of fact, LAEM IMS is a brand of IMS TECHNOLOGIES specialized in slitting and winding machinery for the converting and flexible packaging industries. The machine portfolio includes twin shaft, turret and compact slitter rewinders but also technologically advanced end-of-line full automation. Thanks to its wide range of products, LAEM IMS can therefore offer the right solution for the most challenging applications.

Today, with the launch of the eSLIT twin shaft slitter rewinder, the brand can provide converters with a smart, but also cost-effective solution allowing economic and operational streamlining and excellent results at the same time.

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