Discover cutting-edge slitter rewinders designed for the flexible packaging industry at LAEM IMS. Our high-tech slitters are renowned for processing and slitting a diverse range of materials, with a special emphasis on all types of flexible packaging.

LAEM IMS slitter rewinders are tailored to handle even the most delicate, complicated, structured, and innovative materials, ensuring we meet our customer’s unique needs. Our commitment to perfect web handling technology and precision slitting is evident throughout the rewind cycle, thanks to advanced automations in the rewind area.

Our portfolio of slitter rewinders includes different types of machines catering to the different needs of our customers:

  • DUAL SHAFT SLITTER REWINDERS: discover our dual shaft solutions designed to rewind and produce high quality finished reels with large diameters. Thanks to the dual slitting method – razor blades or circular knives – these machines are able to process almost any type of flexible packaging material with various thicknesses.
  • TURRET SLITTER REWINDERS: explore LAEM IMS turret slitter rewinders aimed at reaching high production speed. The automatic change-over of the turret system ensures a drastic reduction of machines downtimes.
  • STATION SLITTER REWINDERS: our station solutions are designed to keep an optimal tension control of the web thanks to the center-driven or center-peripheral rewinding technology and to produce high dimension finished reels.
  • OTHER TECHNOLOGIES: delve into our additional technologies created to process specific applications, fusing advances in digital control technology with the proven winding process features of LAEM IMS slitters.

Relying on its bold know-how, LAEM IMS has pioneered a technology that serves as a targeted solution highly esteemed by industry leaders. Our versatile machinery is at the forefront of innovation, constantly adapting to the newest technologies and flexible packaging materials.

Our ability to anticipate and meet market requirements with cutting-edge solutions allows us to cater to a wide range of needs in the ever-evolving flexible packaging industry. Don’t miss the chance to explore our range of slitter rewinders for unparalleled performance and reliability.


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